CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools


Bracewell Ltd Logo

Bracewell Ltd

Nick Crawford - Commercial Manager

Bracewell implemented CATProjects software, to replace outdated and arduous spreadsheets and accounts software. We have now been using the software for 4 years and have found that it meets our needs excellently. We find the system easy and fast to use, requiring little training. The key benefits to our accounts and QS team include: –

  • Vast improvement to our processes for preparing variations, payment cliams and paying subcontractors.
  • Detail project cost and profit forecast reporting is a great assistance to the management of our projects
  • As CATProjects is cloud based the system is accessable from any computor or location
  • The electronic approval of invoices and subcontractor payments provides efficiency to our payment authority process

In additions to the contract administration and accounting modules, our project and site managers have very quickly addapted to using the software for site diaries and communication with our clients, consultants and subcontractors. Our clients are pleased with the format of communication, schedules and other project documentation that are so easy to produce.

We are pleased with our decision to proceed with CATProjects, and recommend the software to other contractors.

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Profile Construction Ltd

Mark Welch - Profile Construction Ltd

We made the move to CATProjects four years ago and the benefits were apparent from day one. These include:

  • Cloud based software enabling access from any device anytime, anywhere
  • Becoming paperless. CAT has enabled us to get rid of paper based invoicing (debtor and creditor) and timesheets.
  • Seamless linking with Moneyworks, our accounting software
  • Online approval of invoices means faster processing and no invoices going missing
  • Daily diaries recording all activities on site
  • Getting all information on a project in one location accessible by all staff. No more time spent tracking down details of variations, claims, costs etc from different locations on the server.

We would highly recommend CATProjects to any subcontractor. It is written for Construction people by construction people.

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Canam Commercial Limited

Stephen Jones - Commercial Manager

The use of the CATPlan and CATProjects has enabled Canam to increase our consistency throughout the Group and has significantly improved efficiencies in both our Estimating and Operations departments.

The use of CATPlan Document Management System enables Canam to issue Tender Documentation to several Subcontractors simultaneously and manage the overall tender process with greater efficiency. The ability to include both Consultants and Subcontractors means that all parties have easy access to ‘real time’ construction documentation and the time that it takes for our teams to distribute documents between the various parties has significantly reduced.

One of the major benefits of CATProjects is the ability for Canam to internally manage the majority of the functions, including adding user access, communication types, standard templates etc. This enables Canam to instantly update the system to keep up with individual project requirements.

We have found the response times from the CATSupport Team to be exceptional and the guidance offered is extremely user friendly.

The CATCloud Suite has become an integral part of our overall Quality Assurance Policy and we would have no hesitation in recommending these systems to other companies that operate in the Construction Industry..

Force Construction Ltd Logo

Force Construction Ltd

William Huo - Quantity Surveyor

Originally we were looking for a programme that can keep track of both daily site operations and financials, and CATProjects has far exceeded expectations for both aspects with it being an intuitive, easy to learn system that is backed by excellent training staff, and a prompt support team. The ability for CATProjects to be able to talk with Xero is another bonus as it keeps bookkeeping straightforward, and leaves little room for error. A programme is only as good as the information entered in so the accessibility of the programme was also an important focus for us when choosing between systems. The fact that is a cloud based system won us over as any licensed staff can add to the programme anywhere, whether it be onsite, at home or even overseas.

W Hamilton Building Ltd Logo

W Hamilton Building Ltd

Karen Hamilton - Office Manager

We have been using CATProjects software for approximately 6 years now after doing considerable research into which construction software would be the best fit for our medium sized building company. The system had also come highly recommended from colleagues in Auckland, running a substantial sized firm with relies heavily on this project management software.

Once our decision had been made, the support in getting set up, the actual change over of systems and the post conversion was (and continues to be) excellent. From a project management perspective, CATProjects is making a huge difference in tracking projects through all stages from initial leads to completion and most importantly, all the bits in between!

The reporting is great and very detailed. Being cloud based is a major factor for us. This enable all parties to be current on all projects. While we have not yet moved to site staff using the application, we are looking forward to this second stage of our project being undertaken in a few months and can see huge potential for us in taking this next step. We are certainly more than happy with our purchase of CATProjects and while we still have much to learn, the ongoing support of Paula and the team make this process as seamless as possible.

C3 Construction Limited Logo

C3 Construction Limited

Tamati Parker - Director

When setting up our business, we were looking for a simple, intuitive, integrated and most importantly cloud based project management system. After reviewing multiple options, CAT Projects stood out as the most suitable. The ease of access from any device, anywhere, at any time makes this system so user friendly. Also, the user interface is so simple and intuitive, it just makes sense.

The fact that this system was designed by people with a background in construction really does show through. The decision to go with CAT Projects was definitely the right call, it’s just a no brainer.

Haus Projects Ltd Logo

Haus Projects Ltd

Matt Poninghaus - Commercial Manager

I have personally reviewed in depth over half a dozen potential project & cost management software packages that are available in the Australian & NZ market. What I found was most of them did some things well, but none of them did all things well, and most of them are clunky, frustrating, and hard to use.

CAT Projects wraps up the fundamentals of contract administration, financial control & reporting, as well as communication & audit trails in an easy to use interface that just works. It does the simple things well and uses the latest cloud-based technology that is secure and can be accessed from anywhere. Coupled with Xero integration it was and is the perfect solution for our business and has made our construction lives easy.

Build Partners Ltd Logo

Build Partners Ltd

Franco Liebenberg - Operations Manager

Build Partners has been using CATProjects now for just over three years. The CAT team have been amazing in assisting us to experience a seamless transition into CAT Projects, and we have not looked back. CATProjects enables us to have a financial and operational overview of how our projects are tracking as they happen. This is due to the fact that all the financial elements of the project are captured live via a cloud based system. Everything from client communication, variations, purchase orders, subcontractor payments, daily diaries and more are all managed from one place.

We enjoy working with Paula and the CATProjects Team; they are solution driven and willing to take on changes for the better of an ongoing evolving market and client requirements.

A Line Construction Ltd Logo

A Line Construction Ltd

Andrew Abercrombie - Kerikeri Branch Manager

Aline Builders have been successfully using CAT software as a Project Management Tool for several years and can recommend this as a system designed by experienced people with a practical and ‘hands on’ approach to the software development. CAT Project Management software is purpose built for the construction industry covering control from the initial customer enquiry, developing project budget, subcontractor tender invitations and right thru to contract completion.

The integration with the accounting programs makes it easy for the Administration staff to manage invoicing, GST and payment control. The reporting on project details, including committed costs, subcontractor control and client progress claims, simplifies and tracks project status at any time during construction. The CAT Support office also resolves any problems efficiently thru email or phone enquiry. CAT also regularly asks for input from within the industry so as to keep the system fine tuned in response to the industry requirements.