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What are the Benefits of an Online Site Induction?

An online site safety induction process has several important benefits to offer that a manual induction format does not. And…. it enhances the safety message.

Benefits include:

  • Inductions can be completed at any time – subcontractors can log in and complete the induction in a time frame that suits them
  • Saves man hours and operation costs – On average, an online safety induction saves from 20 to 40 hours every month on every project
  • By eliminating manual inductions, employee time can be more productive
  • Access – CATSafety can be accessed from any location, using any device. Subcontractors can complete the induction before they arrive on site
  • Update induction information and videos as phases change
  • Skills and Experience information for all personnel
  • Track Safety Card details
  • Emergency Contact information for all personnel

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What Information Should be Provided in a Site Safety Induction?

A safety induction for construction personnel should include an overview of the project and details of the site specific safety requirements.

CATSafety can be used as a standalone system or as part of CATProjects. Our site induction function makes it easy for you to ensure that subcontractors and other visitors are fully inducted before they arrive on site. And… without diminishing the safety message.

Construction companies across Australia and New Zealand have streamlined their project and site management systems with the help of our software.

Cost Savings

This system will save a main contractor many hours every month on every project. To do the math, click on the Savings Calculator and work out how many hours and how much money your company will save.


Why Do Safety Inductions Using Construction Software?

Our clients have found that our site induction software makes life considerably easier for both their own staff and the staff of their subcontractors and visitors.

Other benefits include:

  • Simplicity – As you can see from our customer testimonials, our cloud software is remarkably easy to use.
  • Cost Savings – savings per annum can run into six figures
  • Regional Expertise – Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry in Australia and New Zealand is reflected in our software, which is designed to facilitate compliance with all current industry guidelines and legislative requirements (CCA, SPA, ESDA, ESA, PBA etc).

It is easy to identify personnel who have been inducted. When a subcontractor arrives on site they check-in at the site office and provide their induction no. The main contractor verifies the induction number and checks photo id from their CATSafety Profile.

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