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Training Solutions

Construction Software offer a wide range of training solutions to suit your requirements and your budget. We also do custom training should you want a course customised for your specific company requirements.

All training is conducted by our staff, not “contractors” or “consultants, this ensures that you get a trainer that is a CAT Software specialist. Training can be carried out at one of our training facilities, interactively on line or at your premises if they are suitable.

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CAT Administrator Training

This is included with your software set up and is one on one training with your nominated CAT Administrator and one of our Construction Administration Specialists. We show you how to best set up CATProjects and how to manage your system to the point of being ready for operations training and going live.

This is conducted by remote meeting and takes around two hours for the initial session. We work with you during the breif implementation period to assist your company to get up and running quickly.


Initial Training

We give you a proposed training plan so that your team can be organised into relevant groups to ensure there is no wasted time. This session can be on your site (location dependent) on our site or interactively on line.

During this initial training we ensure everyone has enough information and skills to get up and running. It is suggested that there is then a follow up session after one month once some experience is in place.


Induction Training

Induction training is for the new employee to help them to hit the ground running. This training is generally around two hours and is held one on one interactively on line. You let us know their role and any specifics and we will ensure the team learn enough to get them going.


Refresher Training

Refresher training twice a year for core staff is really worthwhile, its an opportunity to revisit existing features and to review new ones. The more you know about your system the more you get out of it. This session can be on your site (location dependent) on our site or interactively on line.

Accredited Training

Accredited training courses are a great way to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge of CATProjects. They are certificate courses that are intended for construction people who have experience with the system but want to get more out of it.

Accredited training is formatted to combine trainer-led learning, practical exercises and open discussion with other construction people. There is a short test and subsequent review session.

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Accredited Courses Include


Project Management

This course is designed for Project Managers and Project Financial Managers.

The content starts from setting up a project including those important foundations through to budgets, trade letting, variations, claims, compliance documents, project communication, rfi management, purchasing, time management, daily document management including diaries, transmittal’s, meeting minutes, check lists and registers and the all important project reporting.

catprojects - Construction Software document management system

Accounts and Administration

This course is relevant for Office Management, Accounts and Administration staff.

The content includes purchasing, processing creditor invoices, trouble shooting, error correction, compliance and other record keeping such as insurance certificates, timekeeping, accounts interface, plant management, incoming documents, price books and reporting.


Site Operations

This course is relevant for Site Operations staff such as Site Managers, Supervisors and Foremen.

The content includes day to day site record keeping such as communication, purchasing, time management, site diaries, safety inductions, meeting minutes, checklists, concrete registers, plant transfers, photo management, contacts management and compliance documents. The mobile web version for your phone is also covered.

catprojects - Construction Software document management system

Power User

The Power User Course is designed for anyone that wants advanced knowledge of CATProjects.

To be successful in this course you will need a minimum of three months experience using CATProjects and a security level of “Management Team”. You will learn all aspects of CATProjects including system and module administration and there is a focus on trouble shooting.

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