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Capri Construction & Residential

Bryan Symes - Managing Director

We have been using CATProjects for just over 5 years, CATProjects has enabled Capri Construction to operate with a higher level of professionalism for very little expenditure, we now have our companies information at our finger tips 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

The information and system is accurate and very user friendly. The CAT support staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, nothing too big or small.

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NZ Strong Group Ltd

Clare Goddard - Finance Manager

We have used CAT software at NZ Strong Construction for 15 years and were one of the first to switch to the CAT Cloud software in June 2014. The CAT System was previously good but the cloud format has taken it to a whole new level.

From an accounting perspective we now operate a paperless office with all invoices uploaded to the system making them fully accessible to the project team at all times. No more excuses for slow approval of invoices and claims. In addition the interface between CATProjects and MoneyWorks is seamless.

CATProjects also allows upload of all critical documents such as subcontracts, head contract, H &S documents, insurance certificates, communications – basically every piece of information relating to the project. This means any authorised person can retrieve the required information at anytime from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

The system has a good on-line help system (Ask Cody) which is very easy to find your way round and we have found that the CATS team have responded promptly to the few issues or questions that we haven’t been able to solve by checking with Cody. We are very happy with CATProjects and MoneyWorks and would happily recommend the combination to other companies

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HRS Construction Ltd

Andrew Marshall - Director

We switched to CATProjects from MultiCAT in March 2016 and, although similar, we have found the cloud based system more effective and intuitive. The ability to run all our contract admin, job costing and communication through one programme, and accessed from any device, is invaluable. The document storage facilities and ability to access historical communications within CATProjects has also allowed us to do away with a large amount of our hard copy filing, saving us time, money and space. Communication with, and support from CAT is always provided to a very high standard allowing us to better understand and use the software as we progress. We would highly recommend this product to other construction companies.

HRS Construction is a Christchurch based mid-sized traditional commercial construction company. We found out about CAT following search for a document control system for our business. In this search CAT appeared and following our first online demonstration we were sold. In the office the transition from our old but still functioning system to CAT was at times challenging but now we would not be without it. Site acceptance and buy in from operations staff to the system was amazing.

We employ 15 Site Managers who now administrate their projects from lap tops and get real time financial reporting on their projects. This fact and record keeping aspects of the system have empowered our Supervisors more than I ever imagined. Following the events September 2010 and February 2011 CAT handled our rapid increase in new projects with ease when we went from 100 projects a year to 100 in a month. We have been very well supported throughout the introduction of the system by CAT’s excellent support staff. We would no hesitation on recommending CAT to other contractors.

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Aspec Construction Ltd

Steve Morris - Director

A ‘key’ component to Aspec Construction’s successful management of these projects is the ability to send, receive and manage project information. We rely on CATProjects to manage this process with the added security of the information being stored in one database on the Cloud. CATProjects being web based makes it easily accessible to the project team wherever the site location and whatever the device being used.

We have received positive feedback from consultants also expressing the same views. Having a reference number makes it easy to respond to queries especially when searching through emails. Notwithstanding this, the reporting side of CAT Projects enables both Aspec and the consultant team to identify early, any outstanding issues so they can be addressed before impacting on the projects programme.

Directors and senior management have quick, easy and transparent access to project information. This enables projects to be quickly and efficiently overviewed as and when required to ensure both client, consultant and Aspec staff KPI’s are being met. CAT Projects is a “one stop shop” for Aspec Construction administration functions.

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Aged Care Developments

Jesse Selby-Hele - Project Manager

We recently decided to move to a “cloud based” program and after doing our research decided on CATProjects. Despite being new to cloud based construction software we have found the process as easy as we could possibly expect, really solidifying our project management requirements. Being able to access the system from multiple avenues, and from any device, anywhere, has so many advantages.

We are noticing a big difference in seamlessly tracking projects from multiple avenues – leads, budgets, tenders, contracting, orders, payments, etc, right through to completion. With several job sites it keeps project specific information at hand for our site managers and other authorised personnel at head office. Site managers can also download various documents which are required on site – insurance certificates, police checks, OHS information, etc. Having everyone being able to track exactly where each project is at any time is a great advantage.

CATProjects makes a huge difference in doing this through all stages by multiple users at any given time. Everyone is aware of where projects are at by being connected to the one system, with all our documents being standardised. There is great support from the CAT team, especially during set up with our questions answered swiftly, and the CATCommunity suggestions and news feed articles via email are a great way to learn more about how we could use CATProjects to our advantage, based on others experiences. Though still in the early stages we can see how much more cost-effective we can be in almost all areas of our construction business. We would highly recommend CATProjects to anyone in the construction industry.

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Humphries Construction Ltd

Jenny Murphy - Business Manager

In 2017 I was tasked with the responsibility of identifying a construction software program that would suit our needs. Humphries Construction undertakes all construction activities including small residential alterations, large multi property development projects, to multi-million dollar commercial builds.

The features that we looked for were ongoing (local) support, a cloud-based system to ensure access at all times and for a tendering process, reasonably priced and easy to use for all of our staff (on-site and in the office.) After researching many products available, we narrowed the potential software down to four, which included CATProjects. CATProjects ticked all of our boxes and came out the clear winner.

The initial set up and transferring of our projects into the new system seemed overwhelming; but the CATProjects support staff assisted us through the process and were easy to communicate with. We had initial training and although we had some doubts that our staff would handle purchase orders and timekeeping via a tablet (rather than a paper system), they all found it extremely easy to use right from the start.

We are still in our first year of using the software and are still discovering (with delight) some of the functions. The ongoing support of the CAT team has proven to be excellent – they are always a pleasure to deal with. Using a cloud-based system has changed the way we do business and made us more efficient. We also use a lot less paper, which has fit with our sustainability and environmental policies.

I have no hesitation in recommending CAT software…

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SN Commercial Roofing

Roger Pintor - Managing Director

CATProjects has provided our start-up venture with an affordable, comprehensive and centralised operating system. It is easy to learn and navigate the selection of modules that consist of relevant construction management tools and provides all levels of our staff with functional and time saving processes.

The added value of being Cloud based meant keeping our start-up costs down (by not having to source or invest in additional IT services or servers etc) and that all information accessed is live, regardless of where we log in from. This also allows our operations team to perform all of their duties from the field.

Documents that are generated from CATProjects incorporates our branding and allows us to produce a professional image when communicating electronically with clients and suppliers. Reports that collate data from various modules, enables us to make informed decisions to maximise our efficiency and profitability.

The days of critical information being stored in an individual employee’s email account, personal diary or in their heads for that matter are gone! Should any of our staff be unable to attend work or cannot be reached for whatever reason, interruption to our business will be minimal, as all relevant project information has been documented daily and can be accessed by authorised staff.

Above all, the support available to our staff is second to none and has provided our staff with the confidence to use this system from day one of their employment, with minimal training and to learn as they go. We highly recommend the team at CATProjects.

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Gard Constructions Pty Ltd

Lachlan Giles - Director

We have been using CATProjects for over two years. The system is easy to use and quick to learn. The training and support offered is great and their response time is fast. CATProjects helps manage all our client and subcontractor communications, variations, contracts and claims. It ensures the work produced by our staff is methodical and consistent. CAT removes the need for double entering information into spreadsheets and saves us time and money.

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Aspec Construction Ltd

Steve Morris - Director

Since implementing CATPlan back in 2007, Aspec have been able to streamline how we issue tender documents to our subcontractors both quickly and accurately.

CATPlan has taken the hassle out of sending our subcontractor tender documents and communication with subcontractors during the tender process (ie: Notifications, Notice to Tenderers etc), thus streamlining the process and saving us valuable time and money. We have benefited since its implementation with reduced staff costs, paper and photocopying costs and postage costs. It has eliminated any discrepancies with subcontractors over missing tender documentation and has enabled estimators to process and price more opportunities.

CATPlan has allowed our Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Cadets to be productive with their cadet training rather that driving a photocopier for endless hours, compiling subcontract packages and posting out thousands of envelopes, as projects can be uploaded by an office administrator in a fraction of the time. It has made something that was difficult and time consuming very simple and easy and we have never looked back.