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Construction Software’s cloud-based management software has been developed specifically for the construction industry. No matter if your company performs major projects, minor projects or maintenance, we have a system to suit your business. Construction cloud software gives your team the tools they need to reach new heights of efficiency as they perform their day to day tasks.
Smart, fast and affordable, our software is also compliant with New Zealand and Australian legislation including the CCA, Security of Payments Acts, Electronics Signatures Acts and Storage of Electronic Business Documents Acts etc.

When weighing up what will be the best software for your construction company, there is one simple question to consider before you get started on the search. Who is the system’s intended user — the people who make the money or the people who count the money? If the answer is the latter or both, you are in the right place to find a relevant system for your business and it is definitely worth reading on.

Check out what our clients have to say about our game-changing cloud based construction management software and explore our entire range today.


CATProjects for Project Management

The CATProjects cloud based construction management software is the perfect way to manage and track every aspect of construction administration, from start to finish. Elevate your company’s operations from outdated methods of record keeping to being in line with today’s electronic age.

CATProjects’ extensive range offers all of the flexibility required to deal with a wide variety of job types and contracts. With the ability to choose the modules which are most relevant to your business, it’s the perfect way to tailor the software to meet the specific needs of the company. Configurations for the Main Contractor or for Subcontractor (most trades) are available.


CATPlan for Project Document Management

CATPlan is a document management system with a full audit trail for all phases of the project process from Design, Tendering, Construction and Maintenance. CATPlan is flexible and affordable for any size of project.

This innovative cloud software for the construction industry, allows for the effective management of project documents and significantly reduces project costs during all phases. Investing in this technology will also help you avoid costly mistakes caused by superseded documents. Smart, fast and affordable.


CATCheckpoint for Defects Management

CATCheckpoint is a defect identification and remedial management system for construction projects and offers roles for the main contractor, consultants, client and subcontractors. With both a commercial and residential version, no job is too big or too small. Practical and affordable, CATCheckpoint is an ideal choice for any size of project and any size of company.

The main cloud-based system has an Android and Apple phone companion that allows you to identify and update defects while on site. From the web system you can get reports, analysis, detail and updates allowing you to monitor progress and performance from the comfort of your desk.


CATSafety for Online Safety Inductions

CATSafety is an induction system for the Construction Industry. It facilitates pre-inductions, saving hundreds of hours on every project without diminishing the safety message. CATSafety is simple to use for both Main Contractors and their Subcontractors. It has time and cost gains and gets the message across effectively.

The induction can be accessed from a Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, iPad or a MS Surface. Subcontractors can do the induction in a time frame that suits them, creating a well received safety message which enhances viewer attention.


Our Advantages

catprojects - Construction Software document management system
Remote Access

Allow your team to work from any location at any time. Instant access to real time project info.

Construction Software - Lower Cost
Big Cost Savings

Eliminate the need for server infra structure to provide remote access.

Induction Savings

This system can save the main contractor 15-20 hours every month on every project.

catprojects - Construction Software document management system
No Capital Costs

CATCloud is Software as a Service (SAAS), no upfront capital costs just a modest monthly fee.

Construction Software - Understanding Your Projects

Keep all documents for all jobs in the same place with a uniform filing structure. Stop downtime caused by searching for documents.


We take the fear factor out of cloud with security, backups and a fair SAAS Agreement

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