CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools and all CAT Software is 100% Cloud Based

W Hamilton Building Ltd

We have been using CATProjects software for approximately 6 years now after doing considerable research into which construction software would be the best fit for our medium sized building company. The system had also come highly recommended from colleagues in Auckland, running a substantial sized firm with relies heavily on this project management software.

Once our decision had been made, the support in getting set up, the actual change over of systems and the post conversion was (and continues to be) excellent. From a project management perspective, CATProjects is making a huge difference in tracking projects through all stages from initial leads to completion and most importantly, all the bits in between!

The reporting is great and very detailed. Being cloud based is a major factor for us. This enable all parties to be current on all projects. While we have not yet moved to site staff using the application, we are looking forward to this second stage of our project being undertaken in a few months and can see huge potential for us in taking this next step. We are certainly more than happy with our purchase of CATProjects and while we still have much to learn, the ongoing support of Paula and the team make this process as seamless as possible.


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