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Cloud Based Software versus Remotely Hosted

What is Cloud Software?

A true cloud based software product is designed and developed to run right in a web browser. A device with an internet connection, a web browser and therefore have access to cloud software natively. Because all you need is a web browser, that means the software adapts to wherever you might be using it. So you can drag-and-drop documents into the software while on a PC. On a tablet you can use touch gestures to scroll and enter data. Not requiring separate apps or separate versions. True cloud software automatically adapts to your devices and the features built into their web browsers.


Different with Desktop-based Software

Contrasting that experience with using a remote desktop the difference is clear. Hosting a desktop-based software on a remote server might give you rudimentary ability to access and run the software from multiple locations such as on a tablet, but it remains limited by the original software itself and the confines of the desktop environment. Taking the example above, a remote desktop situation won’t give you the ability to interact using touch from a tablet, the capability simply isn’t there. Remote desktop access is dependent on the right client application being installed on all your devices, as well as the server being compatible


Another Advantage of Cloud Software

Aside from the difference in end-user experience, there is a clear advantage of true cloud software in terms of the server infrastructure which powers the software. Dedicated and purpose-engineered web application servers are typically powering cloud software. While a remotely hosted desktop has to maintain all the traditional infrastructure and overhead of a legacy environment. This leaves users open to performance and reliability issues.


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