CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools and all CAT Software is 100% Cloud Based

Building with technology – cloud software

The industry circumstance

The Construction Industry is as tight as it gets when spending money on technology. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is the mantra. Rightly or wrongly a lot of skyline has been built using this catch phrase. In recent times however small margins and a competitive market have forced players to look for an edge through innovation, technology and cloud software. Modular building design is paving the way in construction and technology is leveraging the web. Both are looking to save costs through efficiency gains.


The market changes

Software in particular has been stagnant for a long time. Now with the emergence of genuine web based software, real time data capture of operations is possible. Usability of web based and cloud software is actually increasing productivity. With the dilemma of taking up new software just to stay in touch with competitors are Construction and trade based companies faced. Added to the mix is that legacy style software vendors are starting to recognise that they can’t compete with the technology, functionality or affordability of new web based solutions. These vendors face spending millions on rewriting old software combined with requiring staff with a different skill set. Therefore it is ominous for them to say the least. Many are exiting the market or selling their client base to international players who are struggling with market entry due to poor local infrastructure including non local web servers and a lack of training and support personnel.


Time for a change

This situation is leaving clients with no choice but to review their current software. It is crucial to gain a full appreciation of what is now available that is specific to the local industry before making the huge decision of taking on new Construction Management Software.


Considerations for new system choice

New pricing models are available that make transition more affordable. Integration to other ‘best of breed’ software systems capitalise on the web environment. Storage and security of data in case of disaster and full functionally via the web to mobile devices. They both are just some of the standard expectations of what software technology should be in today’s environment. If you are stuck on an old system, now is the time to take a look at these new and local web based technologies. Keep an eye out for our article on “Selecting a job management system”.


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Building with technology – cloud software

The industry circumstance The Construction Industry is as tight as it gets when spending money on technology. “If it ain’t…