CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools and all CAT Software is 100% Cloud Based

Aspec Construction Ltd

A ‘key’ component to Aspec Construction’s successful management of these projects is the ability to send, receive and manage project information. We rely on CATProjects to manage this process with the added security of the information being stored in one database on the Cloud. CATProjects being web based makes it easily accessible to the project team wherever the site location and whatever the device being used.

We have received positive feedback from consultants also expressing the same views. Having a reference number makes it easy to respond to queries especially when searching through emails. Notwithstanding this, the reporting side of CAT Projects enables both Aspec and the consultant team to identify early, any outstanding issues so they can be addressed before impacting on the projects programme.

Directors and senior management have quick, easy and transparent access to project information. This enables projects to be quickly and efficiently overviewed as and when required to ensure both client, consultant and Aspec staff KPI’s are being met. CAT Projects is a “one stop shop” for Aspec Construction administration functions.


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