CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools and all CAT Software is 100% Cloud Based



Powerful document management for the construction industry

CATPlan is a cloud-hosted document management system that makes construction document management straightforward while increasing workplace efficiency. By being able to store all your documents on one entity that you can access from anywhere, you can minimise the risk of errors and mishaps and share documents instantly with the project team. Explainer video.

Our document management software can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and it’s available for an affordable monthly fee, meaning you don’t need a significant capital investment to modernise your business. Find out how CATPlan makes construction document management straightforward by contacting our specialists today.


Tools For The Team To Do Their Day To Day Job More Effectively.

Folders can be set up to organise documents in design categories. All file types for sharing with the subcontractors are PDF however many other types can be used for sharing with consultants.

CATPlan is a true construction system and is relevant to what you actually do day to day and the contractual audit trail you need to maintain.


  • Design

  • Tender

  • Construct

  • Maintain

  • Contacts

  • Set Up

  • Security



Streamline Internal Team Collaboration

The design phase functions through all other phases of the project except maintenance and consultants can share most file types with other consultants. CATPlan allows collaboration between the Design Team and provides full audit trail of all activities. It is affordable for any size of project and any size of company. So whether your projects are residential, commercial, industrial or maintenance CATPlan is an affordable and smart solution for your projects.

Personalise Document Management System

Set up folders and sub folders to suit your own way of doing things and secure folders to your own staff or the design team if required. Only with your permission can the main contractor add or modify folders.

Functionality during the design phase includes:
  • Set Up Project Branding for Easy Identification
  • Set up Multiple Folders for Document Storage
  • Invite Other Consultants to Participate in the Project
  • Invite Other Consultants to Load Any Type of Document
  • Invite the Main Contractor to Participate in the Project
  • Track all Document Revisions and History
  • Auto Document Registers and Transmittals
  • Documents Downloads and Updates
  • Send and Receive a Project Notice Between Consultants
  • Audit Trail on all Actions by All Parties
  • Fantastic Range of Reports

CATPlan allows project collaboration between the Design Team and provides the Project Manager with an overview of all activity.



Reducing the cost of tender creation is a key business saving to any construction company. CATPlan gives the main contractor the tools to increase tendering output by as much as 400% with no additional resource. CATPlan tender creation phase has been designed specifically for Main Contractors and their subcontractors and offers great functionality.

Effective Tender Creation

The key to effective on line tendering systems is a high acceptance from subcontractors as their commitment is essential to your success. CATPlan gives subcontractors fast efficient document management tools, after all they are now paying for all your printing so you can enhance their business by giving them tools to manage documents.

Functionality includes:
  • Upload Tender Documents to Categories
  • Invite Subcontractors with an Email Invitation
  • Subcontractor Documents Downloads
  • Send a Notice to Tenderers to all or many
  • Audit Trail on all Actions
  • Auto Document Transmittals and Registers
  • Subcontractor can Notify if they are not Pricing
  • No wasted time Chasing a Price from a Company that is not Pricing the Job
  • Subcontract Uploads Tender Securely
  • Fantastic Range of Reports

Subcontractors can update their own contact details both globally or on a project by project basis. All tenders are invitation only, however you can add new subcontractors on the fly.



The functionality within the construction phase is great and gives you the tools required to manage the  processes around document management such as the storage, retrieval, distribution, audit trail of information and tender integration. CATPlan offers great potential for improving project efficiency and providing project participants instant access to documents at any time from any location including Tablet or iPads.

Integrate With Other Modules

The Construction module can be used standalone or as a follow on from the Tender Module. If you have a Tender subscription this function will be available during the construction phase for progressive trade letting. The tender functions remain private between the Main Contractor and their Subcontractors at all times.

Some of the Features Include:
  • Set up and secure folders to suit your own way of doing things
  • Invite Consultants, the Main Contractor and Subcontractors with a good looking and personalised email invitation
  • Professionally Branded Emails and Reports
  • Review Consultant Documents Prior to Release (optional)
  • Project Specific logos can be added
  • Track and Store all Document Revisions and History
  • Auto Document Registers and Transmittals
  • Auto Revisioning of Documents with the Same Name
  • Efficient Download and Organisation of Documents
  • Send and Receive a Project Notice
  • Audit Trail on all Actions including Time Stamping

Affordable for any size of company and any size of project and it can be on a project by project basis or a monthly subscription for unlimited projects.

CATPlan can be used for the Construction Phase only or as a follow on to the Tender Phase. We think CATPlan is a no brainer as it will save big dollars in days.



Project Maintenance

CATPlan is ideal for the maintenance phase of projects whether it is the defects liability period or standalone maintenance contracts. Minimise the risk of misplaced and out of date drawings. More importantly the operations team can access documents from a mobile device so information is always available.

During the maintenance phase project staff have moved on to new projects and interest in the old one is not a focus. Updating documents often gets overlooked causing an issue for maintenance teams. In the case of standalone maintenance contracts with multiple sites CATPlan is ideal. For example if you were responsible for the maintenance of a chain of stores you could set this up as one project with multiple sites with document folders for each.

Purchase Maintenance Packages

Use CATPlan during the maintenance phase to distribute job cards to the team. Purchase a maintenance package that allows for on going document storage for all company projects. It is affordable for any size of company and there is a plan to suit most budgets.

CATPlan can be simple or complex to suit the structure of each project. Document notification can either be automatic when a new document is published or notified with a Project Notice.

CATPlan is mobile device friendly so the operations team can pull up documents on their Tablet, Surface or iPad.

Increase efficiency and give your team access to all relevant project documents instantly.



CATPlan has a contact database that can be uploaded from an excel spreadsheet. After the initial upload all invitees can maintain their own details, add staff and nominate their primary contact on projects. This will update your records so you always have up to date information.

Each company has a primary contact that will receive all initial  project or tender invitations, this primary can be changed by the invitee company and allocated to the correct person. The primary contact for a project can be changed on a project by project basis so the relevant staff get notifications and updates.


The filter panel at the top gives the flexibility of filtering and searching by company, by role and by discipline so you can quickly locate companies within your database. When you access a company that is a subcontractor details will include: –

  • Tenders that this subcontractor is currently pricing for you
  • Construction projects that the subcontractor is included
  • Trades that this subcontractor tenders for
  • Regions that this contractor works within (if activated)
  • Number Tenders of tenders invited to price
  • Quantity of tenders that a price has been submitted
  • Number of Tenders Won –
  • Notes which can be viewed or edited at tender invite

If the contact is not a subcontractor then the “view details” will show basic information without any of the tender or projects statistics.


The “Find New Subcontractors” module allows you to find new subcontractors by trade and or area. View their details and if you like what you see, add them to your database.

Set Up

Set Up

The system admin module provides the tools to set up default values and scripts so that the system can be personalised to your way of doing things. Only staff with system administrator access will be able to access this module. By setting defaults once project set up time is minimised. For example you can set up: –

Personalise Company Details

  • Branding, add the global email logo and report logo
  • Set up default file structures for new projects
  • Set up security defaults for project folders
  • Add trades and design disciplines
  • Add codes if using CATProjects Estimating

Setting Up CATPlan

  • Default scripts for invitations and confirmations
  • Default scope script for individual trades / disciplines
  • Add your staff and assign their security level
  • Upload contact information for potential invitees
Setting Up Projects

To set up a project is really simple and only takes a few minutes including sending out invitations. If you are using CATProjects for job management, project set up info can be pushed through.

There are also a few functions that can be turned on or off at project level for flexibility such as:
  • Auto Unsuccessful Tender Notifications
  • Auto Notification on Document Publish
  • Allow Consultants to Add Additional Folders
  • Add a Project Specific Logo if Relevant



The user security levels within the CATPlan software is different for each role. Streamline your team’s communication and document management in a cloud based system designed to increase construction project security. There is a full security guide within the software which provides details of which group and level can access each page and functionality for each role.

Security Statement

CAT Software web based software design and infrastructure makes use of the most advanced and stable data security and backup technology available today. In addition to the specifics laid out below, our infrastructure is actively managed and monitored from a security standpoint.


Our servers are located in a Tier 2 Data Centre, and mirrored to a redundant Tier 1 facility. Our servers are protected by a fully managed firewall. CATPlan and CATCheckpoint reside on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux architecture and is powered by Apache and PHP with a MySQL database backend. All client data held on CATPlan’s infrastructure remains subject to Australian laws and standards.

Encrypted SSL Connection

All communication with CAT Software servers is conducted over an SSL-secured and encrypted connection, which means data transmitted to our servers cannot be intercepted by any third party. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the global standard for secured and encrypted connections between web servers and clients. This is the case both for access via a Web Browser and via a mobile device.


All CAT Software user accounts are protected by a mandatory password which is randomly generated for new users and must be changed by the user upon first login. Passwords are stored in encrypted format and hence cannot be retrieved and must be reset in the case of a forgotten password.

Backups For Project Security

All data stored on CAT Software servers is backed up nightly to offsite servers located in Melbourne, these backups are transmitted over secured connections (SSL/SSH) and are maintained in a secure environment for a minimum of 7 years. Clients also have access (fee may apply) to archived copies of data stored on our servers.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions, walk you through a demo and provide a quote

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How our CATPlan document management software works

CATPlan can be used throughout every phase of the project process, including design, tendering, construction and after project maintenance, and you can just pay for the phases you need. With this advanced construction document management system, you can keep all your documents and project plans ordered, safe and easily accessible.


Design Phase

The Design module functions through three phases of the project and is primarily for the design consultants to load and manage documents and project notices between the design team and the main contractor. The design consultants never have direct access to the subcontractors.


Construction Phase

The Construction phase can be used standalone and includes Document Management and Project Notices. There is full audit trail on all actions from all parties. Documents loaded by consultants can be reviewed prior to release to the subcontractors.


Tender Phase

The tender phase is for the main contractor and their subcontractors. The tender module includes Invitations, Audit Trail, Notice to Tenderers and Subcontractor Price Collection. The tender phase strips the administration from the trade letting process.


Maintenance Phase

CATPlan is ideal for the maintenance phase of projects whether it is the defects liability period or standalone maintenance contracts. Minimise the risk of misplaced and out of date drawings. More importantly the operations team can access documents from a mobile device so information is always available.


Learn More About Our Document Management System

Our construction document management solution allows you to manage access so you can protect your business and make sure all your documents remain up to date. You don’t need to take any risks with subcontractors working from superceded drawings due to human error thanks to CATPlan.

With tailored solutions available to suit any budget, CATPlan is the perfect document management solution for all construction firms, whether your projects are commercial, residential or industrial. If you want to find out more about CATPlan or our other products, we hope to hear from you. We’ll gladly let you know how we can streamline and automate many of your core business processes. A safe way to move large volumes or sizes of documents digitally.

CATPlan is a construction document management solution that virtually eliminates any risks with regards to the handling and maintenance of your project documents. Find out how it can increase efficiency in your Australia or New Zealand workplace while helping you save time, money and a lot of effort by calling our team.

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