CAT is an acronym for Construction Administration Tools and all CAT Software is 100% Cloud Based

Available apps

Over the past year we have developed a series of APPS in response to your requests. We take this opportunity to give you an overview.

CATPlan (Free)
Site Personnel – Android App for phone or tablet that is designed for site staff and allows you to access drawings from your local devise and get notifications of updates when you are connected to the internet. For subcontractor estimators there is a Windows Desktop App that allows you to manage all your drawings and automatically allocates drawings into the correct client / project and category folder. Can be stored on a network drive.

Site / Mobile Personnel – Android App that has functions for Contacts, Photos, Check Sheets, Site Diary, Time Sheets and File Notes. The photo function is exceptional and all allows for annotation of photos (draw or highlight with your finger)

Main Contractor, Consultant, Subcontractor and Client – Android and Apple App for site personnel, create an inspection and update remedial work, add photos and comments. Do a full inspection without typing is the goal and monitor progress from the comfort of your desk. Apple App coming in a couple of weeks. This App would have been the ideal tool in my site manager days to reduce the time out of a not so fun process.


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